Nursery and Preschool Guidelines and Requirements

The guidelines for Preschool programs are very similar to those for elementary and middle school, but there are some key differences. Any requirements not mentioned here are the same as they are in the guidelines for schools. 

In Class

    • All adults should maintain at least six feet of distance from each other unless the safety of the core activity requires a shorter distance. 
    • Adults can not break six feet of distance without a mask, but it is highly recommended that they wear masks throughout the day to increase the level of security. 
    • Adults must wear masks whenever interacting with students, regardless of the distance between the two. 
    • As of now, group sizes for children are capped at fifteen in a specific area, excluding adults (for whom there is no cap presently.)
      • Reasonable steps must be taken to reconfigure spaces to limit overall room density to 15 or fewer children. 
    • Cohorts should maintain minimal contact with other cohorts. 
    • Employees should not “float” between different groups of children, barren unforeseen circumstances. 
    • Ventilation should still be increased to the maximum capacity possible.
    • Children should be separated as much as possible, but normal social interaction is permissible under guidance for childcare and acknowledges the necessity of social interaction in early childhood.

In Transition

  • Measures should be taken to eliminate, or at least reduce to the greatest extent possible, bi-directional foot traffic in the hallways. 
  • Pick-up and drop-off should be staggered and at separate points to the extent feasible. 
  • Parents and guardians should be discouraged from spending any amount of time in the facility. If they do, they should be screened like any teacher entering the building.
  • Early childhood students must still arrive wearing masks and wear a mask while in the hallways and bathrooms. 
  • The classroom is the only area masks may be removed inside of the school.


  • Employees and children absolutely must perform hand hygiene:
      • Upon arrival to the school. 
      • Between all activities. 
      • After using the restroom. 
      • Before eating. 
      • Before departing. 
    • Frequently touched surfaces, including toys and art supplies, should be regularly disinfected using soap and water. 
      • It is mandatory that these are disinfected at the very least after every shift, daily, or more frequently as needed. Commonly used items should be disinfected after each use. 
    • The school must implement measures to limit the use of toys that cannot be sanitized (i.e. dolls, puppets etc.) 
    • Children should be strongly encouraged not to bring toys from home. If they are brought, they must not be shared. 
    • Measures must be taken to limit the sharing of personal items. 
    • Tables are permissible, but the number of children seated at a table, must be reduced for safety.
    • Carpets are permitted but should be thoroughly cleaned with carpet cleaner each night.