Color a Thon

On Friday June 1st, We Kicked Off the Month With An Amazing Fundraiser (Color a Thon) and the Children Had a Blast!!! The children had a blast running through the colors and then getting to through the colored powder themselves.  (Check Out the Link Below for All the Photos)

June 1st, 2018What a Great Way to Enter the Month of June!The children had a blast running, playing, and of course getting COLORED!!! It's Almost Summer 🙂

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Science Fair

On Monday May 7th, Our 4th Graders Hosted the Science Fair. They Presented Some Wonderful Science Projects

Communion 2018

On Saturday April 28th, Our 2nd Graders along with  a couple other children from the academy received their 1st Holy Communion. This was a very memorable and great day for both the children and their families.  

April 28th, 2018

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Wax Museum 2018

On Thursday April 26th, The 5th Through 8th Grade Students did a Living Wax Museum! They all did such a great job portraying a variety of different people.

Saint Bernard Catholic Academy Presents… Our Wax Museum #waxmuseum #saintbernardcatholicacademy #5thgradethru8thgrade #sbca #waxmuseum #history

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Grandparents Day in the Jr.PreK


March 14th, 2018 the JrPrek Campers had Grandparents Day, and what better way to celebrate then with playing games. The children were learning the letter G and since Grandparents starts with the letter G and so does Games it went hand in hand. The Grandparents and Children Loved it. It was the first time they did this event and definitely will become an annual Jr.PreK tradition 

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Math Bee (3rd-5th Grade)

Math Bee for 3rd-5th Grade

Congratulations to all the Participants They Did Wonderful!

1st Place – Daniel Milone (4th)
2nd Place – Arielle Joseph (3rd)
3rd Place – Antonio Moran (5th)

Valentine’s Day Craft Party

On Monday February 12th Jr.PreK-4th Grade Met for Our Valentine’s Day Craft Party Where They Made a Cute Little Heart Craft and Had a Yummy Snack.  


February 12th, 2018

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Sweetheart Dance <3

On Friday February 9th, the HAA Hosted there 1st Annual SweetHeart Dance. The Girls brought their (Dad, Uncles, Cousins, Grandfather) and danced the night away. 

February 9, 2018

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